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BBC2 'Is It Safe To Be Gay in The UK?' 01.08.17

This BBC film looks at the issue of rising hate crime, hearing from the victims, their families and the police. What makes someone attack another person because of their sexuality? How do victims deal with these unprovoked assaults? Jenny Baynham talks about her brother Ian, who died of injuries sustained in a homophobic attack in the centre of London. She explains why she draws inspiration, understanding and comfort from the painting 'Twist of Fate' featured in this programme.

The film also hears from other LGBT people, who describe the attacks on themselves and recite a litany of the abuse that they have received, simply for being who they are.


Jenny talking about ‘Twist of Fate’
'These here (the zig zag lines)– it depicts seeing the lights coming towards you of the cars and the cars the number of cars there were on the road that night.

The squares themselves depict trouble and these spots are the spots where things haven’t gone quite right.

And this is really about the disaster and the effect it had at the end.

It symbolises Ian and what happened to him.

But it’s also something nice and reassuring to have around.

That’s ‘Twist of Fate’

And you can just about pick it out ‘Ian Baynham’ (text buried in artwork) - that’s also very special.

'Twist of Fate' 2012
is it safe to be Gay in the UK
Jenny Baynham explains 'Twist of Fate'

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