Oil & Spray Paint on linen, 60 cm x 150 cm, 2016


This title-piece of the series by the same name Pieces of Eight, puts together themes of Injustice, Love, Time, Rhythm and Dimensions that are constant throughout the artist’s work. The artist is a ‘number eight’ in numerology - and the key painting, physically, suggests Time with it’s narrative format and timeline. Within this, Ash has taken eight significant periods rendering them as if they were the building blocks - aspects - of her life. Painted with depth and colour, this painting tackles these themes abstractly with layering and intensity of paint that gives the work its emotional weight and binds the collection. Ash plays further with Pieces of Eight (series and title-painting) by deconstructing the key themes within the main canvas into eight new works. This juxtaposition of perspectives on the same themes over time offers a further rich dimension to her work.