about the calendar series

Oil & Spray-Paint on linen, 56 cm x 122 cm, 2016/2017

This is a substantial work and a recent annual contribution to Ash's Calendar series which she started in 1978. Calendar 2016 is a daily account of that year in paint. It tracks dramatic ups and downs of world events through the eyes of an artist, who is equally concerned with the minutiae and ordinariness of the everyday. Working on many levels, the painting pulls together traumatic external happenings, into Ash’s own traumatic year. This narrative painting is constructed of 365 segments, which seamlessly flow, one into another, to tell an abstract story of highs and lows, through the artist’s own visual language. It depicts a year of unprecedented celebrity deaths, terrible war, as well as dramatic political change; the same year which saw the death of Ash’s father and the near-death of her mother. It is a work of dark and light, contrast and depth. Ultimately, this is a very personal work about inevitable change, both in the small and the large; the self and the world.