about the calendar series

Oil on Linen, 150 cm x 150 cm, 2012, private collection

The series of Calendar Paintings are integral to Ash's working practice as an artist.
They are large canvases that have a grid structure, which allows for a narrative storytelling thrust and a method of looking forward, of marking time and prompting reflection. They are visual diaries that trace life, day-by-day, year-by-year, factually and emotionally.

Calendar 2012 is a powerful and sensual painting that has a physical presence. It’s also a poignant personal work that logs the complexity of an important relationship in transition.

The viewer is invited to discover pictures within the whole that can create relevance for them. To enjoy ordinary every day events, that contrast and reflect the external good and bad, dark and light essential to Art and life. In this there is also a resonance due to the turbulence of the current situation. The calendar allegory is ultimately uplifting as it provides the context of life carrying on and a new equilibrium being reached eventually.