Oil & Spray Paint on linen, 42 cm x 42 cm, 2017, private collection
Digital screen-print, edition of 10, 52 cm x 50 cm (pre frame), 2017

looks at water poetically through the eyes of an artist - as if it were magic in motion. Reminiscent of Zeus, the Greek God of Gods, Ash sees water as a great force able to transform itself into many forms, both below and above the surface of our Earth. Alchemy (the painting) pulls together these seamless forms, visualizing the flow of streams into rivers into the sea. Steam and clouds born from atmosphere that, with a drop in temperature, can suddenly become snow or ice. This is a work about these extraordinary changes that we take for granted. A work about water, our most precious resource which we need to treasure like the simple, perfect form of a dew drop that encompasses the beauty of the universe.

Ash worked with Jealous Studio to produce 10 digital screen prints that came out of the original work on paper.