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'EQUALITY OF LOVE' works on paper and canvas

background to the work

'EQUALITY' the series

What this work is about

This body of work is concerned with equality.
'A big gay flag over Dublin' and the 'Emerald to Rainbow Isle' series focus on the huge step forward towards equality that happened on 22 May 2015 when the Irish voted to legalise same-sex marriage and reject the old and out-of-date views of the Catholic Church.  
The 'Love Wins' series and ‘By Your Side’ focus on the power of love, when people stand together against adversity.

big gay flag over Dublin Emerald to Rainbow Isle Emerald - Rainbow Isle 3  
Emerald - Rainbow Isle 2 By Your Side

Love Wins 03

Love Wins 02 Love Wins 01 Love Wins 04  

Untitled Untitled Creation Midnight in the Garden Self Portrait
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