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WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME an event at the William Road Gallery on 08.06.11 to raise awareness of hate crime

background to the work

An evening event was held at the William Road Gallery on 8th June specifically designed to raise awareness of the very important issue of hate crime, with the hope that by bringing people together, in a small way some good can be generated from these dreadful crimes.

This exhibition has developed out of the course of a year. Early paintings and works on paper reflect the initial horror and shock and the dialogue between Lucy and Jenny Baynham in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. The work then moves on to explore the complex set of emotions, timelines and the themes of chance and fate that we are all subject to and are a recurring feature in Lucy’s work (Wrong Place, Wrong Time; Twist of Fate). More recently, Lucy has begun to consider how one can begin to move on (Best Foot Forward) from such life changing events and try and generate something more positive.

The work is primarily in oils and mixed media. The techniques employed are integral to an appreciation of the work. The rich layering and texture of the oils gives a depth to the paintings and has enabled images and words to be buried within the canvas - virtually invisible to the naked eye - but always there. The overt use of sharp objects to build up and remove the paint is also suggestive of the profound psychological scars experienced by those who have been affected by such terrible acts.


Untitled Untitled Creation Midnight in the Garden Self Portrait
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